That’s what I’m talking about

Things in Missouri aren’t all bad. While the drama is currently playing out between police and protesters over the Mike Brown shooting, others are busy carving out the future for the safety of schoolchildren.

After the shootings at Sandy Hook, many refuse to bury their heads in the ground hoping this problem will go away simply by passing more laws. Laws stop no one. There have been laws about murder since the beginning of time and yet somehow today, in the advanced culture that is ours, people are murdered daily at a furious rate. The law can only say that it is illegal and what the penalty is for breaking it. IT CAN STOP NO ONE!

That’s why the administrators in schools across Missouri are busy training and arming their teachers to fight back against those who would do violence to the most innocent and defenseless. Unless you are willing to hire full time police or security, there’s no way to stop a crazed killer with a gun except with another gun. And with the economy and budgets being what they are, money is in scarce demand to hire professionals.

That’s where Shield Solutions comes in. They work with school systems to train a hand selected group of teachers who have to qualify with a firearm. Once done, they are approved to carry while on school premises. While it’s doubtful that they will ever to employ these skills, if they do, it will be better for them to stand up against evil instead of watching children cower in the corner and waiting for the end to come.

Article: Teachers train to pack guns with lesson plans

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