We love teaching about firearms and how people can safely exercise their 2nd Amendment rights! And we hope it shows in the feedback we get from our students in all the classes we teach! What follows are a portion of the feedback we’ve received from our students.

“Book early! These classes are popular because of such an amazing instructor.” — Kirsten

“Rich, the instructor, is engaging and makes a tedious subject enjoyable!
— Terri

“I was in law enforcement for nearly 13 years and have been a lawyer for over 20 years. I have had many, many instructors over the years. But I can say that Rich Wells is the best instructor I have ever had. He turned what could have been a long, boring day into an interesting and engaging learning experience. His knowledge of the material was impeccable. On the range, he made sure we all knew and understood the range rules. He assured that everyone was safe. I was amazed at how well he balanced his range advice from the first time shooter to the experienced shooter. He had helpful suggestions for every level of shooter. I could have sworn that there were three of him on the range. Overall, I would rate the experience in excess of five stars. This is the place to take your Concealed Carry Course, even if it means a little travel.” — Mike

“I never handled a handgun or shot one until today! Rich was supportive and very patient! I’m glad that I took the class in spite my fear of handguns. I no longer have that fear because of the patience that Rich had with me. I highly recommend TriggerAction!” — Sheila

“Thanks again for everything.  Great [conceal carry] class.  I spent 21 years in law enforcement, and the training yesterday was better then any training I received in all my years with NYPD. ” — Pat

“This class was recommended to me by my husband. I was hesitant at first, but so glad that I attended this class! I now feel comfortable with the NC state laws, and feel that I can safely handle a handgun. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is not sure where to begin, interested in carrying a handgun. Rich Wells is very professional and knowledgeable. I am so glad I chose Trigger Action.” — Ann-Marie

“My wife and I just wanted to personally thank you for everything yesterday.  It was truly a dream of ours to pass this class, to be able to carry.  We have put it off for years and years, being nervous about the class, but you truly made it a great experience.  We do not have one complaint, or one thing that we would have changed.  It is so much information to take in in such a little amount of time, but you did such a great job of explaining everything, and helping us to understand.  Your scenarios were the best, and put it in southern terms for us, you are truly the greatest instructor, would not have went any where else.  Thank you again for everything, your time and the experience!!” — Travis

“Your class was amazing, I’m very happy and pleased by how the whole day went. Although there is a lot to learn you made it so easy and not overwhelming, especially not having to read word by word the whole book. You made the class interesting and fun 😉 Out on the range you definitely made everyone safe and comfortable  with a weapon. Being someone whom has never shot a gun I learned very quickly from you. You made it understandable and took your time with every individual. Thank you so much for doing what you do, helping many Americans be safe! “Right to bear arms” never felt so good! By far the best decision I have made was taking this class. :) Thanks for answering my other questions regarding my younger sons and I can’t wait till they are in your class, I know there in good hands with a great instructor like you! ” — Johana

“Thank you again. Even after 14 years of military service and a tour of duty in Iraq, I was pleasantly surprised with the content as well as how well you presented/communicated the material. Thanks so much for an enjoyable and educational event for me and my son. All the best in your future endeavors and thank you again for a great experience.” — Tony

“All the way home yesterday my husband and I were talking about what a patient, fun teacher you are! I know people who took other classes and they honestly did not learn what we did. Thank you!” — Christy

“My husband & I took our concealed carry class together last Saturday. Rich Wells with TriggerAction is an Outstanding Instructor!!! We were both VERY IMPRESSED with his knowledge and expertise in dispensing this vital information to our class. We would HIGHLY recommend his class to anyone who wants to gain knowledge and skills about concealed carry laws, handgun nomenclature, firearm safety, cleaning, maintenance, marksmanship fundamentals and concealed carry safety issues just to name a few. You covered all of these issues and more in detailed, easy to understand terms that a beginner gun owner would easily comprehend making our society a safer place. Thanks again!” —  Lisa & Tony

“Rich, I just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed taking your concealed carry class. I was VERY IMPRESSED with your knowledge and expertise As for myself, a law enforcement officer, I APPRECIATE the fact that anyone who has taken your class will have been comprehensively trained in all aspects of responsible gun ownership which makes my job and our society a safer place. Thanks again!” — Kyle

“Our concealed carry class was taught by a Master of education and technique. Rich was extremely knowledgeable and attentive to his students needs and many questions. FIVE THUMBS UP my friend!” — Karl

“My wife and I came away from our [basic handgun] session much better off. You have significantly increased my wife’s confidence. She is no longer believing that she will be hurt when firing as she was in the past.  It looks like my wife is looking forward to the next time we go to the range. Thanks for taking the time to help me sight the laser on my Glock. Your reinforcement of gun safety was great and your pointers on our shooting techniques was priceless. You, my friend, have a very good way with your clients. Calm, level headed and competent. Nice job!” — Mike

“I enjoyed your [concealed carry] class.   You are an excellent instructor.  Your wealth of knowledge  and skills, along with your sense of humor made the class well worth the time we invested.  I feel more confident in being able to legally and safety carry a handgun for protection. I have recommended you to my friends. Thank you!”– Debbie

“Great class. Rich made the material interesting to learn. Made everyone comfortable on the range. I learned so much and it all sunk in and made sense. Would recommend if you have to sit through such an extensive class that Rich will make the day fly by.” — David

“Rich was a wealth of knowledge and made sure we were well prepared for not only the course, but also the laws and procedures we will have to follow once we receive our CCW license. I would gladly recommend this training class to friends, family and just overall word of mouth. Thank you Rich for your help and expertise!” — Richard

“I did it!!!! This is a great class! I went to the concealed carry class because it promised to teach about laws and about guns in general and safety.  I wanted to hear this side of the discussion about guns. I felt some of my bias was because I was ill informed. The trainer is so informative…I learned soooo much. And it was a lot of fun!  I think we all need to take this class just to learn….if you decide you don’t want to go any further then that’s fine….but take the class…be informed!  Great job, Rich!!!” — Carol

“Rich Wells conducted a very well organized and informative class to prepare me for the concealed carry handgun application process. Being a novice to the handgun world, I found both the classroom instruction and the range shooting to be equally beneficial.  Rich clearly outlined what the laws are and what our rights are as handgun owners.  He helped me with subtle grip changes and stressed safety on the range to improve my accuracy. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone pursuing concealed carry permitting.” — Paul

“Rich, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. TriggerAction provides a safe, friendly, and professional environment where students learn the safe handling of firearms and the laws of self-defense. I strongly recommend TriggerAction to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of responsible gun ownership. Thank you for hosting the course and providing such high-quality instruction.” — Chris

““Don’t hesitate! Great instructor, great class!” — Rick

“Rich was an outstanding instructor. He was very patient and took his time teaching the course. I didn’t know anything about NC laws for conceal & carry but I am much wiser after taking his course. I was very nervous about shooting on the range but he helped me to relax and pass the course. If you know anyone who is interested in taking conceal & carry class Trigger Action is the best place.” — Monica

“Great instructor, very thorough and very patient with some of the less experienced people in the class.” — Rob

“Thank you very much for making the class informative and engaging. I very much enjoyed the real-life examples that you gave us to go along with the material as well as your ability to teach the class without reading straight from the book. I would highly recommend your class to anyone looking to take the concealed carry course.” — Josh

“I was so nervous about taking the [concealed carry] class and had put it off for years.  I’m so glad that the family and I took the class together and under your wonderful instruction.  I was actually surprised how interesting the information was; I came home and discussed some of what  I learned with my husband, who also has his permit.  Thanks for being so patient with us:-) I learned so much and more importantly, I feel like I gained the confidence I needed from your class. ” — Anna

“I have only recently gotten interested in guns. While I had no particular interest in conceal carrying as such, there was just enough uncertainty about legally carrying the gun to/from range practice, etc. that it seemed safer to just get conceal carry. As I also wanted my wife to be equally educated and safe, I talked her in also attending the class. We both agree that the [concealed carry] class was very thorough, covering the legal aspects of using a gun (or any weapon) and quite a few other related topics that I was not expecting (gun parts, loading/unloading, cleaning, etc.). The examples given and case studies were very interesting to provoke the thought process of when/if to use a firearm in defending yourself or someone else. Beyond the classroom, on the firing range everyone felt safe and it was handled very well and professionally. All in all, this was money and time well spent on training one’s self on the proper use (legally and mechanically) of a handgun.” — Joe

“Had a great time. The class started on time. Our instructor, Rich, was ready to answer all our questions. The class room environment was fun and friendly and class participation was high. I appreciate the enthusiasm and passion our instructor had while teaching us. It definitely was not intimidating for those new to handguns. Rich made everyone comfortable. Thank you for the great experience.” — Noel

“My husband, son, and I all took the carry conceal handgun class and we were very impressed. Rich took his time to answer all our questions. If you are interested in a class I highly recommend him.” — Teresa

“Thanks for putting on a fantastic class today. Classroom info was great and the range time was very helpful. Definitely pointed the need for a lot of range time on my part!  Anyhow, it was a great experience today, I know it’s not easy instructing a big group all day. I’m going to be looking for a time where my wife can take one of your Intro to Handguns class in the near future, I know she’ll benefit from it. Thanks again and looking forward to joining you for future classes.” — Rick

“Rich Wells, our instructor, took what could have been a very boring day of class into a fun, informative day. We learned a lot about the laws and safety of gun ownership but he made it easy to remember while applying scenarios to make sure the information is easily retained. There was a lot of interaction and group involvement that kept everyone’s attention. I highly recommend this class!!” — Doug

“My husband and I really enjoyed the class and I appreciate the time you put into your class and making sure you’re students are comfortable. Thanks for a wonderful experience!!!!” — Shante

“I can’t recommend TriggerAction enough. I took the Conceal Carry class recently, and was very pleased.  Rich, the owner, was very professional, thorough, and super safe on the range.  Our class had many levels of experience and ability, yet Rich was able to keep us all engaged, informed, and attentive throughout an entire day of training.  If you’re looking for a great Conceal Carry class where you actually learn and can put into practice the material, I would highly recommend TriggerAction.” — Edwin

“Michelle and I really enjoyed attending your class today! Lots of great information filled into a one day class. We would definitely use TriggerAction again for future training. Thanks again and hope to see you again!” — Todd

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I found it to be both entertaining and informative. Regarding the legal issues of concealed carry, you are able to make the complex comprehensible, while patiently answering everyone’s questions. The safety of the range was impeccable, as you insured everyone was following protocol. I am quite confident I have the necessary knowledge for carrying concealed. I recommend your class to anyone intending to obtain their concealed carry permit. Thank you very much!” — Niko

“We really enjoyed your class. With all of the information you shared throughout the day, you really kept us engaged and entertained throughout the entire class. Your expertise and shooting instruction was invaluable.  We would highly recommend your concealed carry class to others.” — Eric & Veronica

“I had limited time with a gun before class, but Rich was great! He was VERY knowledgeable of laws and gun safety information. He was top notch on the gun range. Great experience! I would definitely recommend to others! Not stressful at all.” — Shelly

“First and foremost I wanted to thank you for a very informative course. I was already mostly versed in most of the laws and yet your detail just made them more clear. My wife made the comment on the ride home that today was the first time she had felt comfortable handling a handgun, due wholly to your explanations. Thank you very much for today, we thoroughly enjoyed it.” — Joshua

“Great  class! Mr.Wells was very professional and very informative. There was a vast amount of information that we covered and he clarified all the myths about the laws and firearm safety that I was brought up to believe. This course is well worth the time and money. Every gun owner in the country should be required to attend a course like this!” — Steve

“Had a great day with Rich. He kept the classroom part enjoyable and worked with me on the range so I can shoot better. He was patient and kind with everyone, I never worried about my safety because he was always making sure everyone was following the guidelines.” — Kristen

“Rich was great! Super friendly and will work with you regardless of your experience level. He is very thorough with his information and you’ll come out of the class with significantly more knowledge than when you came in.” — Susan

“I was a first time shooter and I loved it! The instructor was nice, funny, and had a lot of patience with the class I’d recommend the class to anyone” — Michael

“There was an immediate email response to my registration and groupin number. He emailed me to ensure that everything was correct and in place for training. There’s nothing automated about this business at all. Rich is very personable and has his students best interest at heart. I am going to get my kids into a class with him.” — Lisa

“The instructor was informative and detailed during the class yet made it interesting and kept my attention. Rich was very thorough with the laws, safety and what it takes for responsible gun ownership. He took the vast majority of information and applied real life scenarios making it easy for us to understand and remember. My husband and I were pleased with the knowledge we attained from his class and would highly recommend all my friends and family to take their concealed weapons class.” — Maureen

“Rich is a great instructor!! Anyone that takes this class is guaranteed to leave with the knowledge needed to become a cautious concealed firearm handler.” — Willie

“Couldn’t of asked for a better experience, the instructor was very knowledgeable and keeps you interested. If you are ever thinking of taking a gun safety course of any type start with TriggerAction Firearms with Rich Wells!” — Joy

“Rich Wells gives an outstanding course taking and individual approach as well as course book training. Any question is welcomed because Rich wants you to be knowledgeable and assured. The course covers your legal and civil responsibilities ensuring you leave the class with a new attitude and respect.” — Bob

“Great Class! I really enjoyed it learned a lot about guns, safety and guns laws that I never knew was in place. And meet some cool people in the process and Rich Wells is a great instructor.” — Tammy

“Had a great time in CCH class. Instructor was knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t have been more comfortable and relaxed.” — Daniel

“Great class. Learned a lot and got some valuable range time. Instructor was well versed and took all the time needed for questions. I highly recommend this course.” — Shaniqua

“Great class! Rich is very well versed in the NC law and statutes. Took his time with all questions and gave everyone a chance to participate. Valuable range time. Had a huge class and he paid attention to each and every one of us. Highly recommended.” — Dave

“I had limited time with a gun before class, but Rich was great! He was VERY knowledgeable of laws and gun safety information. He was top notch on the gun range. Great experience! I would definitely recommend to others! Not stressful at all.” — Shelly

“Great class. Rich is a great instructor and very knowledgeable.” — Willie

“The best instructor! I learned more about gun laws and safety then I ever thought possible. Plus, when your on the range Rich will work with you until you truely understand how to shoot. I recommend this class to everyone!” — Kayla

“Rich, I wanted personally thank you. I think your professionalism and patience with everyone makes for a positive learning environment for people at all levels of experience. My wife and I really enjoyed it. Thanks, again, for a great class!” — Brad

“My boyfriend and I took the Concealed Class yesterday! The classroom instruction was very good! Rich Wells knows his stuff and he made sure that we learned the NC rules. Safety is VERY IMPORTANT & Rich teaches you everything about gun safety…on and off the range. We had a beautiful day and didn’t mind the short drive to the range. Great classroom and range instruction. Wonderful handouts to take home with you. I’m so happy I took the class. Everyone in the class seemed eager to learn! I even gifted my son/ daughter-in-law a class which they will take next month. Thanks Rich! — Jacquelyn”

“Thank you rich! I enjoyed your training and thought that the handout material and your presentation was very professional. Keep it up!” — Dave

“Excellent experience! The instructor Rich was very informative and professional. He made sure I was comfortable & as calm as possible while shooting. He had personality for days! I would highly recommend this training to any of my friends and/or family!” — Jennifer

“Thanks! The class was very helpful and it covered all aspects of self defense, so thank you again for a wonderful warm learning environment and experience!” — Darian

“Rich does a very thorough review of the laws and your rights regarding concealed carry. He also goes above and beyond during the hands-on portion. All levels of experience are welcome and enjoyed the experience. HIGHLY recommend!!” — Charlie

“Great instructor with a sense of humor. Rich comes highly recommended. The CC class was awesome.” — Renee

“I had a great time today. First of al, Rich you are great instructor..
Very knowledgeable …you kept us all engaged in the class. Speaking for myself…I’m glad my wife and I chose to go to your class. I know we all appreciate the attention you showed to people that needed assistance and or guidance on the range even though it took longer to complete. We all finished …thanks again..i would recommend your class to anyone.” — Steven

“Great instructor makes the class fun. Def would recommend him for everyone. I Would pay to go to his class even without the Groupon. Comfortable setting for men and women.” — Chanese

“Great class, went from knowing nothing to feeling confident and safe in one day. Very satisfied with the class!” — Keith

“What a great experience in the class room and on the field. Thank you for the in-depth teaching. I learned so much, so many things I did not realize,that will stick with me forever. Informative, patience, friendly, what a joy being in your class, and oh yes on the shooting range man I have never met anyone under these circumstances. It was very “hot” but you stuck with me. Again thank you. May your class continue to be filled and may you prosper in all your endeavors.” — Kenneth

“Excellent class! Rich was engaging and very patient! I highly recommend his class!” — Tiffany

“This was a great class. The instructor was ready and able to provide basic marksmanship training to individuals that needed extra instruction to pass the shooting part of the class. He did not rush anyone to finish within a time limit so I got a lot of extra practice. I was amazed at the improvement of the novice shooters. All the students could meet the state requirements for marksmanship by the end of range practice. Even experience shoots improved from the instruction in the class. This was a very unique experience since I am accustom to being rushed on ranges to complete qualifications in the Army. All the students were friendly and willing to work together. I was surprised by the wide ranges of age and gender in the class. We had a balance of men and women with ages ranging from 20s-60s. The classroom was very comfortable with easy access to I-40. I received double the instruction for half the price of other concealed carry courses. I can see the reason TriggerAction is a very popular school of instruction.” — Patrick

“I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot about NC laws regarding carrying a concealed weapon, self defense and the use of excessive force. The hands on training at the shooting range was also a lot of fun. The instructor is great!!!” — Janet

“Rich is knowledgable, patient, appreciates an interactive learning experience, and very accommodating of schedule changes. I recommend Rich without reservation!” — Duncan

“Be prepared to attend for the entire day due to the specific laws that will need to be covered during the class according to North Carolina standards. Rich, the instructor, was very knowledgeable and thoroughly covered the necessary material participants will need in order to demonstrate their proficiency through written exam and practical application/shooting at the gun range.” — Darryl

“Excellent class. Well organized and executed. Rich does a great job and really knows his stuff. Highly recommend Trigger Action!” — Gail

“Today I took the CHP course from Rich Wells, owner of Trigger Action Fire Arms Training.  The course covered a number of related subjects and Rich gave great examples and made the course not only informative, but enjoyable.  I wasn’t sure what would take 8 hours to cover, but I learned a great deal from this course.  Highly recommend.  Thanks, Rich.” — Harry

““Great instruction!! Extremely knowledgeable.”” — Ken

“If you thinking of getting your permit I would highly recommend this program. Rich is a great instructor and makes the program very interesting. Lots of information to learn but Rich makes it easy.” — Chuck

“This class was fantastic. Rich knows his stuff. My class had people who were seasoned shooters and people who had never handled a firearm before today. Rich made everyone feel welcomed.” — Crystal

“Thank you so much for a great class yesterday. You were very informative, effective and to the point. I feel like my day was well spent.” — Tony

“Just wanted you to know that my wife & I felt that you delivered a very professional top notch course this past Saturday.  You are an excellent instructor, and kept the class interactive through out the day.  We appreciated the fact that you fielded all questions and took time to elaborate the answers.  It was a long day, but a lot was and needed to be covered. Thanks again for your expertise and patience.” — Hal

“Thanks again for your excellent training and knowledge. You are a great instructor.” — Mary Ann

“Took the concealed carry class and had a great time. Rich was very informative and personable. He even greeted every one at the door! I highly recommend taking this class with Rich for anyone pursuing a concealed handgun permit.” — Scott

“It’s a great class for anyone. Rich is willing to help in the classroom and on the range. I would recommend him to anyone.” — Kristina

“I very much enjoyed being a part of the group last Friday. Your instruction was top notch, and I feel I gained a lot from the experience. I look forward to getting my certificate, and being an educated, safe and responsible citizen, when carrying after I apply for the permit.” — John

“Thank you so much for a great class last Saturday! It was very informative and enjoyable. I will definitely be more confident in myself as a concealed carry citizen. I will be recommending your class to anyone who wants to take the concealed carry course. Thanks again for everything!” — Mary

“Great class! Time went by fast and the handbook was very informative. My wife and I learned a great deal by attending. So glad I found the Groupon and saved roughly 100 for the 2 of us over other CCW classes in the area.” — Hasan

“Enjoyed the thoroughness and detailed explanations about the concealed carry laws today, thank you for a wonderful class.” — Joshua

“Rich made this [concealed carry] class fun and educational. I would highly recommend this class for anyone!  Excellent all the way around!” — Wendy

“Thanks for the great day of teaching, learning and firearms training. I enjoyed it immensely and it was very well lead.” — Ann

“Thank you so much for your instruction and patience. It was an incredibly valuable experience for both my wife and myself. We will definitely spread the word about you and your class.” — Chad

“Highly recommended Great class and instructor” — Kati

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class today. It was really informative. I had no idea how much responsibility the concealed carrier had. You do an excellent job of teaching this information. Thank you again Rich. It was a day well spent.” — Richard

“We really enjoyed everything today and felt so fortunate to have you as our instructor!” — Lisa

“Had a great time in CCH class. Instructor was knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t have been more comfortable and relaxed.” — Daniel

“Thank you for teaching a great class and working with me to get a special one planned! That was very kind of you to do that for us. I was impressed with your level of knowledge and I feel much better prepared to enter the world of concealed carry.” — Sam

“Great, informative class Rich. I was also impressed with your taking the time to work with folks who needed to improve their marksmanship.” — David

“Excellent instructor and class! My family members and I had a great experience, and I highly recommend attending one of his classes!” — Amanda

“I would like to say thanks to Rich for a Job WELL DONE!! He gave us the knowledge on how to handle a firearm and the laws that go along with them. This [concealed carry] class was AMAZING. I would recommend this class to any one. It is a great class. He offers classes for kids and he has a lot of knowledge that he can give to your little ones. Rich, thanks again for teaching the class.” — Jimmy

“Rich is a great trainer and very knowledgeable, I will be taking more classes with Rich.” — Danielle

“Took Rich’s class yesterday. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough on his training both inside and outside of the classroom. He goes a step beyond to help those in need!” — Scott

“Excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable. I went in not knowing anything. Came away with a clear understanding of the law and a much better comfort level in handling a handgun.” — Beverly

“Not too easy and not too hard, just right. Great information and very well presented by Rich. He gave extra instructions to those who needed it. ” — John

“Really enjoyed Rich’s class today. He is very thorough, helpful, very informative, funny and keeps the class “alive”. Very knowledgeable about your weapons and the laws. Anyone interested in getting your concealed carry I recommend taking one of Rich’s classes. You will not be disappointed.” — Sue

“Thanks, Rich for a good class today! The information was great and I had a great time qualifying on the range.” — Wayne

“Rich was great and really knew the law. Do not hesitate to use them if you are looking for a concealed weapons course. Rich took his time and answered any questions that were asked no matter how simple they may have been. He had a lot of patience with ones that needed it and was very helpful with all aspects of the class. Thanks for a job well done.” — Allison

“Come prepared to learn a lot but also have fun.” — Tiffany

“If you do not have your concealed weapons permit, take it with Rich Wells of Trigger Action in Garner! Rich is very knowledgeable about all types of guns and gun laws here in North Carolina. He answered each and every question everyone had to ask! Rich was very helpful throughout each part of the class!! Do not hesitate to take his class!” — Wiley

“Great class today Rich! Had a great time and your instruction was awesome as well! I’d have no problem referring any family or friends. Thanks again!” — Joey

“I found Triggeraction via Groupon and I was very pleased. Rich was an amazing instructor, very knowledgeable of the laws, and really takes the time to make sure you get what you need from the class.” — David

“I took my Concealed Carry Handgun training course this past Saturday and had a great time learning the NC laws, gun safety and target shooting! Rich Wells, our instructor, was extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of this course. I would recommend this to everyone.” — Thomas

“I thoroughly enjoyed the CCW permit class taught by Rich. He is very knowledgeable and takes time to answer any and all questions you may have. I would definitely recommend Rich @ Trigger Action for all your gun training and concerns…you’ll love the experience!” — Chris

“Rich is an excellent instructor! Highly recommended!” — Pierre

“Rich does a great job teaching the class, it was a great learning experience. I would recommend this class to everyone.” — Neal

“Great instruction, Rich. Really enjoyed the class! I highly recommend it for anyone in the RTP vicinity considering a conceal carry permit.” — Steven

“Awesome class taught by Rich. Very thorough and extremely helpful with any questions/concerns/fears about firearms, firearm safety and concealed carry. HIGHLY recommend!” — Laura

“Great class and very informative. Have fun dont be nervous and learn. Great teacher ” — Phillip

“My sisters, mom, and a dear friend all had a WONDERFUL time in our Concealed Carry class today! Rich is so knowledgeable and thorough and made learning fun. He was patient with us novices, and really helped us feel comfortable, educated and experienced by the time the day was over. We HIGHLY recommend Triggeraction and will be telling everyone we know about it.” — Holly

“Great class! Rich was a great instructor. Learned alot about gun laws and handgun safety. Highly recommend Trigger Action to anyone!! Thanks Rich!” — Nathan

“I took the class yesterday. It was very informative and interesting. The class was from 8-5 with a break for lunch but it was never boring or slow-just a nice flow the entire day. I feel much for comfortable handling the gun. Rich is an excellent instructor.” — Patricia

“Great instructor and great class. Very easy to follow.” — Jimmy

“Had an awesome time in the concealed carry class today! Instructor is VERY knowledgeable about the laws governing such. Highly recommend this course to everyone, beginners all the way to experts. You’ll not regret it!” — Kyle

“Rich, you were a great teacher and we had a great time. Thank you again.” — Dan

“I enjoy the course & Instructor Wells is patient, thorough & very knowledgeable. He takes time with each individual at the range & gives helpful tips. He ensure you are comfortable & safe. You will leave prepared to defense yourself & family. But more important you will know the law regarding your rights. If you are interested in taking a firearm course they have several to offer. I’m even thinking about allowing my nine year old & 17 year old to take a course as well.” — Susan

“You can’t ask for a better instructor. Not only is he knowledgeable but he’s also funny and just a all around great teacher. Don’t waste your time somewhere else – TriggerAction is the best!!!!!!” — Paul

“Knowledgeable instructor who made learning fun at a reasonable price. Highly recommend.” — Ginger

“Had Great experience!!! Rich was very patient!! It was great…I would do it again!!! Thanks Rich!! You the man!!!” — Vanetta

“We found TriggerAction’s Conceal Carry class on Groupon. It was such a great deal, the class was very interesting, the class was NOT boring and we did NOT just watch videos all day, which made the time go by fast. Rich did a great job explaining CC laws, safety and gun owner’s responsibilities. I feel confident obtaining my CC Permit and being a responsible and knowledge gun carrier. Rich was very patient at the range and helped first time/beginners find their aim. I would highly recommend TriggerAction and Rich to anyone looking to obtain a CC Permit.” — Emmanuel

“Great course and the instructor was thorough in explaining the laws. I would recommend this class or instructor if you are looking to learn about guns!” — Katie

“Just finished TriggerAction’s Concealed Carry class. Rich combined an excellent knowledge of the laws concerning Concealed Carry with a wealth of firearms knowledge, engaging delivery, insightful and relevant stories of real life experiences, strict safety requirements and excellent firearms instruction. As a bonus, it was fun. I would highly recommend Rich for any firearms related instruction and most definitely for the NC Concealed Carry Course.” — Craig

“Just took NC Concealed Carry Handgun with Rich Wells. Highly recommend him. He made the class fun! It’s a comfortable setting for women who don’t have a lot of experience with handguns. You won’t be disappointed taking his class.” — Stephanie

“Great [concealed carry] class with an excellent teacher.” — Dale

“Thank you for your time and expertise. I thoroughly  enjoyed the class and learned a lot about concealed carry, ammo, different types of handguns and holsters. You are a good teacher and very well versed in concealed carry laws and self-defense. The pace of the class was great and the knowledge learned was spot on.” — Jack

“Had a ball in this class. Learned a lot and instructor was so patient with all of us. Would recommend this concealed carry class to all! Thanks Rich!” — Faye

“This was a great class to be a part of. The instructor was very knowledgable and the information was well delivered. I’d recommend anyone to take this class if you haven’t already done so.”  — Edward

“The class was very informative and made easy to understand. Rich is a very good instructor.” — Amanda

“Rich Wells runs a very good class. It was very informative, fun, engaging and he made shooting very relaxing. I highly recommend his class (Concealed-Carry Handgun Class) to any and everyone!” — Lisa

“Just left the class. I had a great time. Learned a lot and would recommend this to others.” — Lee

“Thank you, Rick so much for the class today. Would not ask for a better Instructor. This was my first time with a fire arm in my hand and I think I did pretty good. Rick Wells is the number one instructor for any one with the will to learn.” — Carol

“Highly informative [concealed carry] class from a knowledgeable instructor.” — Ed

“The class was great and the instructor was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this [concealed carry] class for anyone wanting any handgun training.” — Michael

“Enjoyed a great day of learning and practicing gun safety with Rich in the concealed carry class. The class size was great to allow for questions and conversation, Rich was very knowledgable and the class was well put together. Thanks again, Rich for a wonderful experience!” — Kat

“This was the very best training experience and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in a concealed carry gun class.” — Meagan

“Great Instructor (Rich Wells) very knowledgable made class fun, had both expert and very novice people in class, made everything easy to understand. Two thumbs way up!!!” — Mark

“Total awesome instructor. He is worth twice the price.” — Keith

“Rich Wells was very knowledgeable in the laws associated with concealed carry in NC and also had some great advice for gun owners in general, If you are considering a concealed carry class or even a basic or advanced skill class, this the place to go..Thanks Rich!” — Nicholas

“Completed the Concealed Carry class this week. GREAT class. GREAT instructor. Would highly recommend this class to everyone.” — Benjie

“Rich is a fantastic instructor. He is extremely knowledgable and very patient. There’s a lot of classroom time for Concealed Carry and he manages to feed you all the knowledge you need while still keeping your attention; a special and uncommon skill, for sure! I would recommend him in a heartbeat!” — Sarah

“Had a great time. Rich is very professional and has lots of patience for people with no experience. A lot of information to help you understand the laws of owning a gun and Rich made sure everyone understood them. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their conceal permit. Thank You Rich Wells” — Rafael

“Took my class today, and Rich was great! A well informed, expert instructor and anyone interested in firearms training and obtaining ur concealed handgun permit should take/get from Rich. You won’t be disappointed!” — John

“Instructor works well with people of all ages, explains material, laws, and safety techniques in ways that anyone can understand. Very resourceful in the fact that he uses modern or recent examples of news and other incidents to bring understand to his class. Overall , it’s a fun, well taught class, with a non-judgmental environment.” — Jamarcus

“Very knowledgable instructor. Solid information about NC Gun Laws and pleasant learning environment. Safety was his top priority. He educated everyone about appropriate gun handling prior to going to the shooting range which helped you feel safe going out to shoot with a group of strangers. Highly recommend this course for anyone seeking to become more proficient with their firearm or just wanting to learn more about firearms! Thanks Rich!” — Kiale

“Great instructor with a sense of humor. Rich comes highly recommended. The CC class was awesome.” — Renee

“Fantastic [concealed carry] class. I highly recommend it.” — David

“Excellent class! He covers everything while making sure you really get the key points down. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone!” — Candace

“Great class. Learned a lot” — Amelia

“Excellent instructor, highly recommend whether you have dealt with pistols for a day or 20 years. Highly knowledgeable on laws governing NC and interstate travels.” — Harry

“Definitely worth it! Great instructor. Very knowledgeable.” — Brian

“Rich is a great instructor! He is very knowledgeable and has a sincere desire that each student succeeds in the class. 5 star recommendation” — Paul

“Thank you for your class today! I learned a lot and am super appreciative of the one on one time you gave each of us!” — Tracy

“Great Concealed Carry Class; thorough, clear, concise, but most of all interesting. Rich even stayed out in the rain to make sure everyone could complete their shooting.” — John

“Had fun in the class and learned lots of interesting stuff. Rich is a great and very knowledgeable instructor and was very patient with me. He made me feel very comfortable with everything! I highly recommend his class!!” — Lori

“Had a great time today at the concealed carry class. Thanks for all of your knowledge and help and patience. “– Sean

“Thanks so much for your class today! Very informative, always open for questions and discussion and patience in helping students work through difficulties to overcome and improve. Definitely a positive experience!” — Sonja

“Great concealed carry weapon class! Rich is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. If you’re on the fence about taking a CCW class, get off the fence and take his course! You won’t be disappointed!” — Erik

“Had taken the Concealed Carry Class! The knowledge and patience of the instructor was Awesome! I highly recommend everyone take this class if just to know the Laws! you will not regret it and I thoroughly had a great time!!!” — Lisa

“A great instructor, made it interesting, took time to answer all the questions, I have taken about ten of these courses in different states and he was by far one of the best instructors. I have a lot of respect for him. Thank you, TriggerAction!” — Wayne

“Thank you Rich for your knowledge and your patience. You are a great instructor.” — LaShawn

“Excellent Concealed Carry class. I Really enjoyed the class as a whole and how close the range was from the classroom was nice only about 10 or less mins. Excellent instruction and detailed on the range and off. I would highly recommend Rich and his classes to anyone. It is while worth it!” — Brandon

“Great [concealed carry] class. Informative. Engaging.” — Danielle

“Thanks Rich Wells i learn alot about the gun laws you are a great instructor. I had alot of fun while i was there…. Rich you are the best” — Christopher

“Super class with a great instructor for Concealed Carry. Get the right learning about legal, safety, and real hands on shooting! Rich is a super guy and knows his stuff. Well worth my time and money, don’t skimp on this course. If you have to defend yourself and get grilled by the DA, do you want to say “I got my CC training online..:(” — David

“Great class and even better instructor. I am so glad that I decided to come. I definitely recommend for new and experienced individuals.” — Alexandra

“Really enjoyed this class. Great instructor. Learned so much more than just the book stuff. Real life experiences help make the point. Most importantly, considering the seriousness of the subject matter, he expected better than just “state minimum” requirements. I appreciated that. Thanks. Take his courses.” Mark

“Awesome experience! Rich is knowledgable and patient. I recommend him to anyone wanting to be able to safely protect yourself.” — Mike

“This was a great class! The instructor was very knowledgable and a great communicator!” — Jami-jon

“Rich Wells is a great instructor. I enjoyed the class a lot.” — Sam

“Instructor was great, keep the entire class engaged and interested. I learned a lot and correct some things that I thought I knew about firearms. Would recommend this class to anyone interested in it!” — Antrell

“Rich, I really enjoyed your class today. You seem to be very knowledgeable about the CCP process and I learned a lot of things that I had never considered about concealed carry.” — Howard

“Lots of fun and very informative.” — Joyce

“Rich is a very informational instructor, he can answer all your questions and give you the knowledge and skills needed to properly handle a hand gun through his Concealed Carry Class!” — Mike

“Thank you so much for teaching the concealed carry class. The group I was with was great and you really explained things in the best way. I was nervous at first, but the group never made me feel intimidated at all. I have been telling everyone how great this class was and I highly recommend it.” — Leslie

“Great [concealed carry] class today! Rich did a great job!” — John

“My boys loved the class. They could not wait to come home and show us their patches! And also the paper target….so neat to see how they actually did and how close to the bulls-eye they came! I will definitely refer our friends to the class. Our boys had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you!” — Sara

“Just a note of thanks for all your good help today. I thoroughly enjoyed the concealed carry  class. You made everything clear to us and it was a fun class. Keep up the good work.” — Faye

“My 7 year-old daughter attended the air pistol class and really enjoyed the experience. She was able to learn ways to handle a firearm, different parts of a firearm, and proper techniques on how to use a firearm in a safe way. This is a great class to introduce young kids to firearms and teach them proper respect so they can enjoy the sport and recreation that firearms has to offer. Thanks, Rich for a job well done!!” — Yogi