NC Concealed Carry

Talk to any firearms instructor and you will find that their most popular class is concealed carry. And we are no exception!

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In July 1995, the North Carolina General Assembly agreed that NC citizens should have the right to protect themselves with a handgun while they are out in public. They agreed that law-abiding citizens should be able to carry a concealed handgun provided they pass a qualifying training program that would teach them about the self-defense laws, handgun safety and test their marksmanship skills.

Here at TriggerAction Firearms Training we pride ourselves on being one of the people teaching others of like mind. We are not commando ninjas who act like drill sergeants when teaching this class and looking down our noses at the men and women who are looking to defend themselves and their families. We are average Americans just like you! We teach kids as young 7 years old as well as those in their seventies which enhances our teaching skills allowing us to relate to all age groups and experience levels.

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Still having doubts? Spend a few moments reading our Testimonials page and see what others have said about our training. There are also reviews on Yelp, Facebook¬†and Google+. Don’t worry–we’ll wait until you come back!

Your instructor will be Rich Wells, who was been trained as a certified instructor by North Carolina at their Justice Academy in Salemburg, will be teaching you a state-approved curriculum for this concealed carry class that meets all the requirements for applying for a Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. Rich is also a certified firearms instructor for the NRA as well as a certified Range Safety Officer.

You will learn about justifiable self-defense and use of deadly force laws. You’ll be taught how to handle a handgun safely, handgun operation and various concealed carry issues. Having learned about marksmanship fundamentals, you’ll then head out to the range to prove yourself while shooting at various distances mandated by the NC curriculum. We have had plenty of people come through our doors who have never even held a gun before but when they leave we have given them personal instruction which allows them to excel.

And when you pass the class, you’ll not only earn a certificate that is used to apply for your concealed carry permit but you’ll also have this huge smile as you revel in the joy of your accomplishment!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t put off gaining the skills you need to begin protecting yourself and your family wherever you may go. Sign up for our NC Concealed Carry today. We promise, you’ll be glad you did!

If you still have questions. check out our Concealed Carry FAQ!

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