NC Concealed Carry Signup

To sign up for the NC Concealed Carry class, please fill out the form below and submit it. You’ll then see a page instructing  you how to pay the class deposit. If you are thinking about buying the Groupon, you can pay us directly the same Groupon price if you’d rather not have to deal with this extra hassle.

Concealed Carry FAQ — If you’ve not seen it, this page helps to answer many questions about the class itself.

Groupon buyers: To reserve your spot in lieu of a deposit, you’ll need to submit your Groupon voucher number (below). This number can be found on the Groupon website or mobile app under your account for the Groupon you purchased for this class. It is usually a 6-8 digit number found below a bar code. If you have bought a voucher for two people, please include the name of the second person in the Comment section below.


Our Concealed Carry classes are one-day classes.
We keep the following list up to date and these are the ONLY dates currently available for classes.

All other dates preceding these are FULL due to high demand.
As the class dates below fill up, future class dates will be added.

Class cost $80 (credit cards/cash only) or Groupon purchase
Deposit $40 (credit cards only) — not necessary w/Groupon
Rescheduling Should you need to reschedule your class after signing up, we will be happy to accommodate a date change but you will be charged a $20 fee to do so. This same fee applies if you do not show up for your scheduled class and then take a later class.
When Saturday,November 9
Time 8-6 (class + shooting + lunch break, estimate)
Where 850 NC-42 West, Clayton, NC
Requirements You'll need your own eye and ear protection. You may bring your own pistol or rent one of ours (9mm or 22LR only). If you have no ammo, you can buy some from us (9mm & 22LR only). We only accept cash and credit cards.
Recommendation Based on the difficulties we have seen students have on the range, we would STRONGLY urge you NOT to bring a snubby revolver or pocket 380. If you have one of these and REALLY know how to work and use it then bring it. Otherwise you are doing yourself a disservice. Again, this is a recommendation, not a prohibition.
Prohibited We DO NOT allow single-action revolvers on the range. Make sure whatever handgun you do bring is thoroughly cleaned and in good working order. We reserve the right to reject ANY firearm from use on our range.
NOTE You will receive an e-mail from us roughly 5 days before your class date with more details about this class. For this reason, be sure you provide us a valid e-mail address otherwise we will have no way to contact you!