When the lies catch up with you

Many police leadership are no better than the politicians they climb into bed with. Too many are eager to pass new firearm restrictions yet they know perfectly well that this will do NEXT TO NOTHING to stop violent crimes. They know it and yet they do it willingly. Part of it is obviously has to do with public perception of being “tough on crime” but that doesn’t tell the full story.

A recent example is NY’s SAFE act which Governor Cuomo described himself as the toughest gun control law in the U.S. Sounds pretty good, right? New York should soon be one of the safest states in the union allowing citizens of all ages and races to freely walk their streets at night without ever having to worry about being accosted with a firearm.

The facts tell a differently story. They have a snarky way of reflecting reality. I know, that’s hard to wrap your head around.  Yet it never seems to get in the way of politicians and their hired police force to go gung-ho on new legislation that will curb gun violence and rid our streets of undesirables by taking away the rights of law-abiding Americans.

A recent story out of New York gives the states to prove that the SAFE Act is not working. But the details are oh so telling.  The number of illegal guns being confiscated is supposedly at an all-time low. Police officials are quick to point out that they are doing their part but that the recent changes to stop-n-frisk laws are preventing them from detecting weapons that would otherwise been discovered and taken away.

And here’s where it gets interesting. Recent state statistics show that the number of shootings has risen 10% in NYC. Well, that kind of makes sense. If there are now more guns in the hands of criminals then they are more likely to use them and commit crimes with them. But these figures make leaders nervous because it gives the perception that they are not in control (and they largely aren’t when it comes to a slimehole like NYC). And this can lead to problems come the next election cycle.

So, police can’t control the rampant gun violence so what do they do? They tell lies to the public about needing to pass legislation that is the “toughest” in the nation. This will solve all the problems, restore confidence in public officials and don’t forget to donate to politicians and reelect your wonderful civil servants. Sadly, too many people buy into it and the only thing it does is hurt them. Politicans get paid. Police keep their jobs. Gang bangers continue to run rampant and who suffers the most? The middle man who was gullible enough to believe the lies.

In this particular case, NYPD Police  Commissioner Bratton has a revolutionary approach to solving the problem (that the “tough” SAFE Act was obviously too inept or impotent to deal with).  What’s the solution? Spend $1.2 million on a new program! That’s pure genius, sir, and I applaud your cunning and craftiness in your attempts to outsmart the bad guys. Better yet, guess who the program is targeted toward? Gang members. Yes, the very thing over which they have no control is going to get a heap of taxpayers dollars thrown at it. The police know that federal stats show that 80% of violent crime with guns is committed by gang bangers yet they continue to pass legislation to disarm the average citizen. They know full well where the real problem is and that they are largely powerless to stop it. Yet they stand with the politicians they climbed into bed with and lie to the people paying their salary. Why? Control and money. It’s as simple as that.

So the SAFE Act is worthless. NYC needs to spend more money (yet again). Citizens have less to defend themselves with. And nothing can stop the gang violence. What’s next? You guessed it. More money, more commission reports and more laws that help those in power stay in power while trying to keep up appearances for the next set of elections. As the Bible so aptly states, there is nothing new under the sun. Remember that the next time a sleazy politician comes along promising to make things better by taking away your rights to defend yourself. If you buy into that then you deserve the inevitable results.

Article: NYPD Takes Fewer Guns Off the Streets as Shootings Rise, Stats Show

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