Imagine that

Another report backs up what all the rest have been saying but don’t expect it to appear on the evening news or through the major media outlet because it doesn’t fit with their agenda to have you believe the streets are running with blood and we must therefore eradicate all guns from our nation.

A new report released Wednesday by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) reveals more than 11.1 million Americans now possess concealed carry permits and licenses, more than double the estimated 4.6 million who had licenses in 2007. That 11.1 million number may be conservative, too.

Yet with all of these millions of legally-armed citizens in the United States, the FBI Uniform Crime Report data shows that homicides are down. That includes murders involving firearms. In 2007, according to the report, there were 14,831 homicides including 10,086 involving firearms. In 2012, the year for which the most recent data is available, there were 12,765 slayings, of which 8,885 involved guns.

Clearly, when anti-gunners talk about “30,000 deaths from gun violence” each year, they are tossing in suicides and accidents, as well as justifiable self-defense homicides. At best, that’s disingenuous, but firearms activists say it is simply dishonest.

Article: CCW has more than doubled since 2007, but homicides declined

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