Gun + Alcohol + Ignorance = Guess?

People shooting themselves fall into two categories: ignorance and carelessness. If you don’t know the rules for safe gun handling then you are ignorant and disaster is likely to follow. If you are in the careless category, it means you know the rules but choose not to follow them (usually due to pride and being too mature to follow such “childish” rules). And in the story link below, alcohol is the magic elixir which can only lead to heartache when guns are involved.

Whether ignorant or careless, the end result is the same. Do it often enough and typically you or someone you know will end up dead or wounded (and traumatized for life). But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Do you know the simple rules for safe gun handling? Do your children (if you have guns around or visit someone else’s home who does)? Do your very young children know what to do should they ever come across a gun?

This is why the foundation for ALL of our firearm classes is safety. The VERY FIRST THING that is covered in our classes is how to be safe with a gun. It can be done and it’s easy to do once you’re taught.

Don’t delay any longer. A life really is worth it. See what classes we offer then sign yourself and your family members up today. Regret is a terrible thing to live with!

Article: Man shoots himself while posing for a ‘selfie’

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