This is the future

Liberal Democrats (which is about 95% of them) and gun-grabbers would have you believe that gun crime  would simply dry up and go away if we would just keep passing stringent legislation that takes firearms away from civilians. That’s a lie that’s proven almost every day yet they keep on insisting.

If you were to pick a model city for gun control, where the laws are the toughest in the land for its citizens to obtain and use a gun for self defense, it would be NYC. In short, unless you are a cop, judge, etc. or have enough money and clout to “sway” a judge to sign the paperwork, you can’t really get a gun. And even if you have on, you aren’t allowed to use it because in your own home you have a duty to retreat if violence comes knocking.

So living in NYC should be right up there with a modern-day utopia, right? As you can see from the following news article that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration. Chicago and New York City are regularly pumping out news stories about the number of people shot within a certain number of days. It’s almost like a competition to see who can one up the other in the number of people shot in the quickest amount of time.

But this is the future of America if the gun-grabbers have their way. They want the control that comes with knowing the average Joe doesn’t have the means to defend themselves.  They could care less about making society safer because if they were they’d have to explain on a daily basis why their strict gun laws are doing nothing to lower the violent crime rate when it comes to guns.

An America which has the same gun laws as NYC would be a disaster and everyone knows it. Criminals don’t follow laws because they are–wait for it–criminals. The only thing laws do is to disarm the average, law-abiding citizen of their right to protect themselves and loved ones from the criminals who have guns illegally. This is a picture of what our entire country would look like if Bloomberg and company have their way. It’s the exact opposite of what they are proposing. They know it is a lie and could care less of all the lives it will cost us if they get their way and shackle honest citizens using the law.

Article:15 shot in NYC within 8 hours, 2 dead

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