Fighting fire with fire

Why do we have laws as a society? Because we need to decide as a group of people the rules which will govern that society that codifies right and wrong behavior. But do these laws make people honest? Are we forced to obey them? Of course not. We all have free will. The only thing the law can do is to enumerate those actions which are and are not allowed. If a law is written it usually clearly specifies the penalty for disobeying that law which is usually in the form of a monetary fine or jail time (and usually both).

Most states have such laws that clearly specify that firearms are not allowed on educational property unless you are a law enforcement officer. To remind people of this fact you will most likely see signs or wording posted at the property entrance as well as the entrances to the building that no firearms (or weapons of any sort) are allowed on the property. This is what is referred to as a “gun free” zone.

Now, by the very definition what is a criminal? They are someone who has or is willing to break the law because they want something and feel no one has the right to stop them. If a criminal wants to do harm at a public educational facility, what is going to stop them? We’ve seen many shootings at schools over the years and I’m sure, without a doubt, that every one of them had signs saying no firearms or weapons were permitted on their premises. Did these stop the criminal? Of course not, otherwise we would have never heard about them on the news. None of us need to be reminded of Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech.

So why do we put up signs that do absolutely no good? Law abiding citizens obey them but they aren’t the ones intent on killing so it’s stupid to put up signs for them. Criminals, often psychopaths, pay no attention to them so it’s stupid to put up signs for them as well. So if anyone out there can tell me what these signs do then I’d really like to know.  But I’m guessing that you’ll arrive that the same conclusion I have and admit that these signs are largely a waste of time and, if anything, they do more harm than good.

Did you know that the killer in the Batman movie shooting in Aurora, Colorado actually went to seven different theaters before he found one posted with a “no guns” sign? Why did he do that? You know as well as I do why. He knew the law-abiding citizens would leave their guns in their cars or at home and that by coming into that theater with his guns that he would receive no opposition to his killing plans. A gun-free zone is simply an invitation to killers that there are confined spaces filled with defenseless victims. It really is that simple.

Thankfully the leaders in many schools have felt the wake-up call of Sandy Hook and realize they must act. Drills and specially designed facilities can cut down on the number of deaths but unless there is someone around with equal or greater firepower, the criminal who is intent on taking lives will not be deterred.  Sure, schools can hire full-time security guards or police officers but this is simply way too expensive. The answer is therefor very simple: elicit the help of selective teachers who are willing to obtain a firearm, train with it and practice regularly.

Looking at the statistics for mass shootings in our schools show some very hard facts that can not be denied. A vast majority of the time, when a killer is confronted by someone with a gun they run and hide and usually kill themselves. That’s it. Many times it is just someone pointing a gun at them that makes them turn tail revealing their cowardice. Other times it is shots fired in their direction and they don’t even have to be actually hit by a bullet before they run off. Sometimes they give up simply when they hear someone announcing that they are a police officer and being told to drop their weapons and come out with their hands up.

We need more schools systems, administrators and law makers who understand the problems facing our schools and act accordingly.  There are a lot of other things that can be done, given enough time, to address the psychological problems of our youth but we are in the her and now. More laws will not save one child’s life. We’ve been making laws for years and things have only gotten worse. We need to be realistic and meet this problem head on.

Fight fire with fire and I assure you we will see school shootings disappear across our land as the psychopaths cowards realize that gun-free school zones are no longer the free pass for shooting fish in a barrel that they use to be.

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