Buying Your First Handgun

Are you new to handguns? Are you worried you’ll pay a lot for a gun that won’t be right for you and your needs? Have no fear, TriggerAction is here! We are pleased to announce a new class that sets a new standard in the industry of firearms education. With this class we will inform the new buyer about modern firearm choices and even better, give them time shooting different handguns to provide the practical experience necessary to remove much of the risk in buying a new firearm!

With over 3,000 handgun models to choose from, dozens of manufacturers and a sea of features, buying your first handgun could be a head-spinning experience. Questions arise like:

What manufacturers and models can be trusted?
What features should be looked for?
Which calibers are best for personal defense?
What needs to be considered when picking ammunition?
Which accessories should be budgeted for?

Even if you do manage to narrow it down to a few choices, how do you make the final decision? Owning a handgun is an investment in the protection of you and your family, and choosing the right one for your needs dictates that you invest wisely.

Let met ask you: how many times have you driven a car without test driving it? I’ll admit, that’s a much more expensive purchase but there’s a reason we drive before we buy! You can do all the research you want to narrow your choices down to a few models before you go to the dealer but what do you do next? You take it for a spin! Why should a gun be any different? Or would you rather plunk down $500 (or more) to find out the gun you bought just doesn’t make the grade? Oh well, live and learn. Wrong! If you are going to invest in the protection of yourself and your family, why not avail yourself of every available opportunity to help choose the right handgun for you?

TriggerAction is proud to introduce our latest class, Buying Your First Handgun! This class lead by the author of the book “Buying Your First Handgun” and certified firearms instructor, Rich Wells, will guide you through the world of buying your first handgun. Whether it be for concealed carry or home defense, there is a firearm that will fit the niche you need to fill.

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Class topics include:

Firearm safety
Handgun parts, operation, cleaning & storage
Revolvers versus semi-automatics
Buying factors: size, caliber, cost & features
How and where to buy
Manufacturers and models
Ammunition considerations
Marksmanship fundamentals
…and much more.

In addition to the classroom study, you will be given the opportunity to fire various types of handguns from some of the most trusted manufactures such as Beretta, Glock, Kahr, Rossi, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Walther and more at the range with personalized assistance by the instructor to help assist you in making your handgun buying decision. (There is an additional fee for ┬áthe ammunition you actually shoot during this “testing” phase so you only pay for what you shoot).

Class sizes will be kept small so that learning is maximized and the instructor will have plenty of time to personalize the experience for you! We understand the importance of this decision and you need to give yourself every opportunity to make the right choice. Buying Your First Handgun is exactly what’s needed in the shooting community to reach out and bring people into the world of firearms from a respected name in the training world, TriggerAction. It’s a win-win for everyone involved so sign up today and reserve your spot in the next class of Buying Your First Handgun!

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