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Concealed Carry Handguns 2015 Edition

The 2015 edition of Harris Outdoor Groups’ Concealed Carry Handguns is on newsstands now! This annual favorite  is filled with all sorts of handgun specs for models favored by concealed carry permit holders. There are also a number of articles including budget guns and a state by state summary of carry laws.

Most readers would pick this volume up for the 275+ gun listings which only occupies less than 20% of the page space. This listing is broken down into semi-autos, revolvers and derringers/others. Models are listed 8 to a page with appropriate color pics and specs. Given that this volume is dedicated to concealed carry models, it would be much more useful for the reader if each gun listed those physical dimensions that readers need to take into consideration when determining if they could successfully carry a particular gun. While weight and barrel length are given, there is no mention of length (not so important), width (important) and height (very important). The publisher should at least consider aiding the reader by at least breaking them down in full-size, compact, subcompact and pocket models (although this is a challenging goal since there are no definitive specs on where the boundaries between those categories lies).

The articles vary widely in their scope of coverage from mini-reviews of particular handgun models to those on holster selection, carry methods and state laws. The one on state laws covers all 50 states in 3 pages so  you can’t expect a lot of detail. The most useful info provided is a link to each state’s governing body regarding firearms and/or concealed carry laws.

The number of pistols covered in the various mini-reviews is right around 50 with models made by Glock, Kimber, Bond Arms, American Derringer, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig Sauer, North American Arms, SCCY, Taurus, Kahr, Beretta and Springfield Armory.

The other support articles cover such topics as picking the right holster, carrying full sized models, the pros and cons of inside and outside the waist band carry, carry options for women, items for every day carry gear and the proper mindset for those who carry every day.

Every magazine these days is loaded with advertisements and while they can be annoying at times, they also give you an idea of all the different options available to concealed carriers whether it’s handguns, flashlights, holsters, ammunition, safes, laser sights, night sights, cases, target systems and the list goes on and on.

If you are in the market for a new concealed carry pistol this would be a good place to start. I buy a copy every year to help keep up to date on all that’s available. I also use it to keep the stats in my book, Buying Your First Handgun, up to date. So look for it at your local newstand or book store today. It will set you back $10 but the amount of information you gain is invaluable.

Amazon link: Harris Outdoor Group Presents Concealed Carry Handguns 2015

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This is the future

Liberal Democrats (which is about 95% of them) and gun-grabbers would have you believe that gun crime  would simply dry up and go away if we would just keep passing stringent legislation that takes firearms away from civilians. That’s a lie that’s proven almost every day yet they keep on insisting.

If you were to pick a model city for gun control, where the laws are the toughest in the land for its citizens to obtain and use a gun for self defense, it would be NYC. In short, unless you are a cop, judge, etc. or have enough money and clout to “sway” a judge to sign the paperwork, you can’t really get a gun. And even if you have on, you aren’t allowed to use it because in your own home you have a duty to retreat if violence comes knocking.

So living in NYC should be right up there with a modern-day utopia, right? As you can see from the following news article that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration. Chicago and New York City are regularly pumping out news stories about the number of people shot within a certain number of days. It’s almost like a competition to see who can one up the other in the number of people shot in the quickest amount of time.

But this is the future of America if the gun-grabbers have their way. They want the control that comes with knowing the average Joe doesn’t have the means to defend themselves.  They could care less about making society safer because if they were they’d have to explain on a daily basis why their strict gun laws are doing nothing to lower the violent crime rate when it comes to guns.

An America which has the same gun laws as NYC would be a disaster and everyone knows it. Criminals don’t follow laws because they are–wait for it–criminals. The only thing laws do is to disarm the average, law-abiding citizen of their right to protect themselves and loved ones from the criminals who have guns illegally. This is a picture of what our entire country would look like if Bloomberg and company have their way. It’s the exact opposite of what they are proposing. They know it is a lie and could care less of all the lives it will cost us if they get their way and shackle honest citizens using the law.

Article:15 shot in NYC within 8 hours, 2 dead

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When the lies catch up with you

Many police leadership are no better than the politicians they climb into bed with. Too many are eager to pass new firearm restrictions yet they know perfectly well that this will do NEXT TO NOTHING to stop violent crimes. They know it and yet they do it willingly. Part of it is obviously has to do with public perception of being “tough on crime” but that doesn’t tell the full story.

A recent example is NY’s SAFE act which Governor Cuomo described himself as the toughest gun control law in the U.S. Sounds pretty good, right? New York should soon be one of the safest states in the union allowing citizens of all ages and races to freely walk their streets at night without ever having to worry about being accosted with a firearm.

The facts tell a differently story. They have a snarky way of reflecting reality. I know, that’s hard to wrap your head around.  Yet it never seems to get in the way of politicians and their hired police force to go gung-ho on new legislation that will curb gun violence and rid our streets of undesirables by taking away the rights of law-abiding Americans.

A recent story out of New York gives the states to prove that the SAFE Act is not working. But the details are oh so telling.  The number of illegal guns being confiscated is supposedly at an all-time low. Police officials are quick to point out that they are doing their part but that the recent changes to stop-n-frisk laws are preventing them from detecting weapons that would otherwise been discovered and taken away.

And here’s where it gets interesting. Recent state statistics show that the number of shootings has risen 10% in NYC. Well, that kind of makes sense. If there are now more guns in the hands of criminals then they are more likely to use them and commit crimes with them. But these figures make leaders nervous because it gives the perception that they are not in control (and they largely aren’t when it comes to a slimehole like NYC). And this can lead to problems come the next election cycle.

So, police can’t control the rampant gun violence so what do they do? They tell lies to the public about needing to pass legislation that is the “toughest” in the nation. This will solve all the problems, restore confidence in public officials and don’t forget to donate to politicians and reelect your wonderful civil servants. Sadly, too many people buy into it and the only thing it does is hurt them. Politicans get paid. Police keep their jobs. Gang bangers continue to run rampant and who suffers the most? The middle man who was gullible enough to believe the lies.

In this particular case, NYPD Police  Commissioner Bratton has a revolutionary approach to solving the problem (that the “tough” SAFE Act was obviously too inept or impotent to deal with).  What’s the solution? Spend $1.2 million on a new program! That’s pure genius, sir, and I applaud your cunning and craftiness in your attempts to outsmart the bad guys. Better yet, guess who the program is targeted toward? Gang members. Yes, the very thing over which they have no control is going to get a heap of taxpayers dollars thrown at it. The police know that federal stats show that 80% of violent crime with guns is committed by gang bangers yet they continue to pass legislation to disarm the average citizen. They know full well where the real problem is and that they are largely powerless to stop it. Yet they stand with the politicians they climbed into bed with and lie to the people paying their salary. Why? Control and money. It’s as simple as that.

So the SAFE Act is worthless. NYC needs to spend more money (yet again). Citizens have less to defend themselves with. And nothing can stop the gang violence. What’s next? You guessed it. More money, more commission reports and more laws that help those in power stay in power while trying to keep up appearances for the next set of elections. As the Bible so aptly states, there is nothing new under the sun. Remember that the next time a sleazy politician comes along promising to make things better by taking away your rights to defend yourself. If you buy into that then you deserve the inevitable results.

Article: NYPD Takes Fewer Guns Off the Streets as Shootings Rise, Stats Show

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That’s what I’m talking about

Things in Missouri aren’t all bad. While the drama is currently playing out between police and protesters over the Mike Brown shooting, others are busy carving out the future for the safety of schoolchildren.

After the shootings at Sandy Hook, many refuse to bury their heads in the ground hoping this problem will go away simply by passing more laws. Laws stop no one. There have been laws about murder since the beginning of time and yet somehow today, in the advanced culture that is ours, people are murdered daily at a furious rate. The law can only say that it is illegal and what the penalty is for breaking it. IT CAN STOP NO ONE!

That’s why the administrators in schools across Missouri are busy training and arming their teachers to fight back against those who would do violence to the most innocent and defenseless. Unless you are willing to hire full time police or security, there’s no way to stop a crazed killer with a gun except with another gun. And with the economy and budgets being what they are, money is in scarce demand to hire professionals.

That’s where Shield Solutions comes in. They work with school systems to train a hand selected group of teachers who have to qualify with a firearm. Once done, they are approved to carry while on school premises. While it’s doubtful that they will ever to employ these skills, if they do, it will be better for them to stand up against evil instead of watching children cower in the corner and waiting for the end to come.

Article: Teachers train to pack guns with lesson plans

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Fighting fire with fire

Why do we have laws as a society? Because we need to decide as a group of people the rules which will govern that society that codifies right and wrong behavior. But do these laws make people honest? Are we forced to obey them? Of course not. We all have free will. The only thing the law can do is to enumerate those actions which are and are not allowed. If a law is written it usually clearly specifies the penalty for disobeying that law which is usually in the form of a monetary fine or jail time (and usually both).

Most states have such laws that clearly specify that firearms are not allowed on educational property unless you are a law enforcement officer. To remind people of this fact you will most likely see signs or wording posted at the property entrance as well as the entrances to the building that no firearms (or weapons of any sort) are allowed on the property. This is what is referred to as a “gun free” zone.

Now, by the very definition what is a criminal? They are someone who has or is willing to break the law because they want something and feel no one has the right to stop them. If a criminal wants to do harm at a public educational facility, what is going to stop them? We’ve seen many shootings at schools over the years and I’m sure, without a doubt, that every one of them had signs saying no firearms or weapons were permitted on their premises. Did these stop the criminal? Of course not, otherwise we would have never heard about them on the news. None of us need to be reminded of Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech.

So why do we put up signs that do absolutely no good? Law abiding citizens obey them but they aren’t the ones intent on killing so it’s stupid to put up signs for them. Criminals, often psychopaths, pay no attention to them so it’s stupid to put up signs for them as well. So if anyone out there can tell me what these signs do then I’d really like to know.  But I’m guessing that you’ll arrive that the same conclusion I have and admit that these signs are largely a waste of time and, if anything, they do more harm than good.

Did you know that the killer in the Batman movie shooting in Aurora, Colorado actually went to seven different theaters before he found one posted with a “no guns” sign? Why did he do that? You know as well as I do why. He knew the law-abiding citizens would leave their guns in their cars or at home and that by coming into that theater with his guns that he would receive no opposition to his killing plans. A gun-free zone is simply an invitation to killers that there are confined spaces filled with defenseless victims. It really is that simple.

Thankfully the leaders in many schools have felt the wake-up call of Sandy Hook and realize they must act. Drills and specially designed facilities can cut down on the number of deaths but unless there is someone around with equal or greater firepower, the criminal who is intent on taking lives will not be deterred.  Sure, schools can hire full-time security guards or police officers but this is simply way too expensive. The answer is therefor very simple: elicit the help of selective teachers who are willing to obtain a firearm, train with it and practice regularly.

Looking at the statistics for mass shootings in our schools show some very hard facts that can not be denied. A vast majority of the time, when a killer is confronted by someone with a gun they run and hide and usually kill themselves. That’s it. Many times it is just someone pointing a gun at them that makes them turn tail revealing their cowardice. Other times it is shots fired in their direction and they don’t even have to be actually hit by a bullet before they run off. Sometimes they give up simply when they hear someone announcing that they are a police officer and being told to drop their weapons and come out with their hands up.

We need more schools systems, administrators and law makers who understand the problems facing our schools and act accordingly.  There are a lot of other things that can be done, given enough time, to address the psychological problems of our youth but we are in the her and now. More laws will not save one child’s life. We’ve been making laws for years and things have only gotten worse. We need to be realistic and meet this problem head on.

Fight fire with fire and I assure you we will see school shootings disappear across our land as the psychopaths cowards realize that gun-free school zones are no longer the free pass for shooting fish in a barrel that they use to be.

Article: New School Year Could Bring More Armed Teachers

Article: Teachers in Childress, Shamrock armed and ready for a new year

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A teaching moment

This is a true but painful story. As sad as it is, I used it during my last concealed carry class to make a point to my students. Learn it well or you, too could be doomed to repeat it!

The laws governing the personal use of firearms varies not only from state to state but also from county to county. Even worse, cities often enact their own set of rules to “make the people safer.” Witness the idiocy of this in Chicago with some of the mos stringent restrictions on gun ownership and some of the highest murder rates by firearm in our country. But I digress.

In the article that follows a Pennsylvania mother who legally obtained a conceal carry permit in her state traveled into New Jersey and was pulled over for a traffic violation. On being approached by the detaining officer, the mother of two told the officer she had a conceal permit and was carrying.

The problem is that New Jersey, being the gestapo-like state that is is does not recognize permits from any other states. Thus a simple traffic stop turned into an arrest for illegal possession of a gun and the hollow-point ammunition that was in it.

If you are new to the conceal carry club then do your homework and find out the laws that govern when you can and can’t legally carry your concealed handgun. You might be restricted in local towns that you need to be aware of and if you travel it becomes even more of a headache.

My family and I recently traveled up the east coast from our home in North Carolina to family in Rhode Island. And seeing as how the gun gestapo in Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York and New Jersey were in our travel corridor, not to mention that Rhode Island does not recognize my NC Concealed Carry Permit, I decided to leave my guns at home. I didn’t like it one iota but it was the safer course of action overall.

Officers, lawyers and judges will all tell you that ignorance of the law is no excuse. And it can be a very painful lesson if you try to play that card. Do your homework and plan accordingly.

Article: Philly mom faces jailtime due to New Jersey’s strict gun laws

Web site: Handgun laws by state

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Gun + Alcohol + Ignorance = Guess?

People shooting themselves fall into two categories: ignorance and carelessness. If you don’t know the rules for safe gun handling then you are ignorant and disaster is likely to follow. If you are in the careless category, it means you know the rules but choose not to follow them (usually due to pride and being too mature to follow such “childish” rules). And in the story link below, alcohol is the magic elixir which can only lead to heartache when guns are involved.

Whether ignorant or careless, the end result is the same. Do it often enough and typically you or someone you know will end up dead or wounded (and traumatized for life). But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Do you know the simple rules for safe gun handling? Do your children (if you have guns around or visit someone else’s home who does)? Do your very young children know what to do should they ever come across a gun?

This is why the foundation for ALL of our firearm classes is safety. The VERY FIRST THING that is covered in our classes is how to be safe with a gun. It can be done and it’s easy to do once you’re taught.

Don’t delay any longer. A life really is worth it. See what classes we offer then sign yourself and your family members up today. Regret is a terrible thing to live with!

Article: Man shoots himself while posing for a ‘selfie’

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Castle Doctrine at work

Do you now what your rights are under the Castle Doctrine? If your state allows you to defend your home (instead of forcing you to retreat form it if invaded) then you need to be aware of what options you have when an attacker attempts to breach your modern day castle!

Here in North Carolina N.C.G.S 14-51.2 provides for the defense of your home, vehicle or workplace:

The lawful occupant of a home, motor vehicle, or workplace is presumed to have held a reasonable fear of imminent death or serious bodily harm to himself or herself or another when using defensive force that is intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily harm to  another

Under North Carolina law, justifiable self-defense is allowed if the citizen believes deadly force is necessary to prevent an imminent threat of death, great bodily harm or sexual assault. As you can see from the law quoted above, anyone who is illegally trying to gain access to or already gained access to my home, vehicle or workplace is presumed to be there to do harm.

There is no gray area here. I can only assume that an intruder wants to do me harm and I  can respond accordingly with deadly force without another thought of what I’m doing is right or wrong. There is no need to second guess myself or put the attacker on hold while I consult an attorney as to what I should do.

The law was specifically written this way to act as a great deterrent to any intruder to let them know that they were placing their life in danger should they attempt to illegally enter a home, vehicle or workplace. Anyone want to try this is basically forfeiting their life because it really is shoot first and ask questions later.

This is why a recent article about a justifiable self-defense situation in my home state is so telling. An enraged tenant shows up on the landlord’s door shouting and pounding to get in. He is so mad that he finally kicks in the door to gain entry. If you were the homeowner what would you do? What are you to think? Do you believe this person could simply be talked to and calmed down? Are you going to assume he has no gun or knife hidden on him? Could he possibly grab an item from within your own home to use against you? Maybe he lands a good blow, you go down with him on top and he beats you in his rage until you are dead or close to it.

Is any of this possible? Sure it is! We read stories all the time about people who do all sorts of nasty things when they are enraged. In this case the homeowner did what he should have. He got his gun and when the attacker breached his front door he defended himself as the law allows. The attacker made the choice to come to this home and by illegally entering it forfeited his life accordingly. That’s a mistake he unfortunately won’t make again.

Then his brother had the gall to say this:

Scott Mitchell, Jeffrey Mitchell’s brother, said Sunday that Ray should be charged with a crime and that his brother should not have been killed for kicking in a door. “He knew my brother would never lay a hand on him”

Yeah, that’s what most people would believe at a shouting man who has just kicked in your front door. That’s our infantile culture of always blaming someone else for your evil actions rather than being the mature adult and taking the consequences for what you’ve done. I think I’ll go to this brother’s house, scream a bunch outside his front door like a crazed maniac then kick it in and see what he does when the shoe is on the other foot. I’ll bet you the first thing he does is to offer me a beer and to sit down so we can talk out whatever the problem is.

Know the law, people. And defend yourself accordingly!

Article: Wake Forest man claims self-defense in shooting death

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Imagine that

Another report backs up what all the rest have been saying but don’t expect it to appear on the evening news or through the major media outlet because it doesn’t fit with their agenda to have you believe the streets are running with blood and we must therefore eradicate all guns from our nation.

A new report released Wednesday by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) reveals more than 11.1 million Americans now possess concealed carry permits and licenses, more than double the estimated 4.6 million who had licenses in 2007. That 11.1 million number may be conservative, too.

Yet with all of these millions of legally-armed citizens in the United States, the FBI Uniform Crime Report data shows that homicides are down. That includes murders involving firearms. In 2007, according to the report, there were 14,831 homicides including 10,086 involving firearms. In 2012, the year for which the most recent data is available, there were 12,765 slayings, of which 8,885 involved guns.

Clearly, when anti-gunners talk about “30,000 deaths from gun violence” each year, they are tossing in suicides and accidents, as well as justifiable self-defense homicides. At best, that’s disingenuous, but firearms activists say it is simply dishonest.

Article: CCW has more than doubled since 2007, but homicides declined

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